What is eco-friendly packaging?

eco friendly packaging

What is eco friendly packaging? There has been a marked shift in global awareness toward a sustainable lifestyle. The world population is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of using recycled materials and eco friendly supplies. This helps create a more ecologically conscious community that favors materials that remain useful over time while contributing to the well-being of a planet with dwindling natural resources.

Eco-friendly materials: the demand is growing

As the eco-friendly mindset grows, more and more organizations and companies are doing their part to contribute to the movement. Not only are many public authorities already promoting the use of recyclable materials on a daily basis (shopping bags, separate collection, etc.), but manufacturers are packaging their products in an eco-friendly way.

Sustainable packaging design has expanded to a variety of products, from eco-friendly, wrinkle-free paper containers for takeaways, to recyclable cardboard packaging and pop-up or minimalist labels, used for everything from cups to eggs.

As eco friendly packaging manufacturers are spreading around the world, it’s no wonder that these same concepts appear in the hands of various packaging specialists. Packaging supply companies offer their customers more options when it comes to using eco friendly products.

Eco friendly packaging

Recycled paper bags are becoming an option for wrapping gifts and other fashionable items. Padded and lined with Japanese paper, they are great gift options. Many paper bags and cardboard boxes are decorated, but there are also simple variations that allow users to doodle or create their own designs, just like on a canvas. Today, boxes, ribbons, and other accessories are also available in paper or recyclable material.

Less formal and more practical packaging materials (for handling, storage, or transport) have also become much more eco-friendly. In response to the growing demand to be more sustainable, these forms of packaging have also taken up the challenge. While packaging, storage, and transportation continue to be required on a daily basis, companies have begun to respond to the needs of eco friendly conscious customers.

Increasingly sustainable supplies

Eco-friendly shipping tapes are now 70% recyclable but are still as strong and effective as ordinary tapes. Many packaging tape suppliers today offer these shipping tape options that can be useful for packaging, everyday use, shipping, and more.

As for insulation, today you can use mushroom stalks and bamboo. Not only are these options absolutely organic and a great environmental option, but they also work well as cushioning, protecting the stored contents. They work very well, even for delicate items that may break during travel or transport.

As for the filling, eco-friendly bubble bags are also available. These bubble packs break down into biomass, even in compost or landfills, and continue to do their job. Peanut packets are no longer available as harmful Styrofoam but as starch-based chips. But if that still isn’t “biodegradable” enough, there is always the option of filling the package with bits or pieces of paper.

Some companies go one step further by using paper without trees. These “papers” are made from cotton plant fibers, palm leaves, and even zebra-striped bamboo. They are 100% eco friendly and at the same time do not require any paper made from trees.

There is also corrugated cardboard, made from post-consumer waste. Being a fully recycled material, it does not cut down trees and is also made from recycled aluminum cans, waste cardboard, etc. Some companies are taking this to the next level by offering shipping solutions with reusable boxes that can be used for years, limiting the need to manufacture more.

The demand for more eco-friendly packaging continues, and it is clear that customers support it. Make sure that the packaging company you choose is able to offer these options and that you can (and will) contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.

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